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Sunday | 10am to 12pm

Netball players can now keep fit and improve their skillsets with the Social Netball programme. Participants also get to socialize with other netball enthusiasts while training together

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Thursday | 5pm to 7pm

The Afterschool Netball program is for players age 7 to 12 years old who want to have extra Netball training or do not have Netball as a co-curriculum in school. The program is for all level of players and focuses on the basics of Netball, agility, team play and game understanding.

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Monday   | 8pm to 10pm

Thursday | 9am to 11am

NETforMUMS is specially developed for female netball players who enjoy the sports and are looking to socialise with like-minded players. The programme is created to suit players from beginner to advance levels and for female aged 35 to 55 years and above.

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Starting soon

The Netball Strength & Conditioning program is to compliment the existing netball training with specific strength and conditioning training focused on improving fitness levels, strength and stamina required for netball

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