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Our programs

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Social Netball 

Social Netball is a recreational Netball program for adult players age 17 onward

Day: Sunday Afternoon

Time: 10am-12pm

Venue: OCBC Arena

Cost: $200 for 10 sessions


Netball S&C

Strength & Conditioning

The Netball Strenght & Conditioning program is to compliment the existing netball training with specific strength and conditioning training focused on improving fitness levels, strength and stamina required for netball

Day: Sunday Afternoon

Time: 3pm-5pm

Venue: OCBC Arena Gym

Cost: $200 for 10 sessions


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Afterschool Netball

The Afterschool Netball program is for players age 7 to 12

Day: Thursday Afternoon

Time: 5pm-7pm

Venue: OCBC Arena

Cost: $350 for 10 sessions

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The NETforMUMS program is for adult players age 36 to 55.

Day: Monday evening & Tuesday morning

Time: 8pm-10pm, 9am-11am, 

Venue: OCBC Arena

Cost: $200 for 10 sessions

In case of events at Sports Hub, sessions will be at Kallang Netball Centre 

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